Constant Change

I’ve changed. 

Yet again. 

Into another stronger more resilient version of myself. 

It never ceases to amaze me how much hope I STILL have. 

Even after everything, There’s still hope, love and kindness underneath my shriveled carcass of a heart. 

I’m proud of myself.

I’ve made it so far. 

Done the Best that I could with what I had. 

Even when no one was looking.

I chose to remain true to myself.

Sometimes I did the wrong things for the right reasons. Challenging the consequences for the sake of justice.

I felt out of place in this world all my life, now, I just accept it and keep going. 

I don’t pause on regrets. 

I don’t have any

What’s done is done

Keep going

I Kept believing in myself

I tried very hard to quit and surrender

But my heart strings are made of titanium. 

They can’t be cut.

A gift I never appreciated until my later years. 

I couldn’t give up on myself no matter how hard I tried

I just wouldn’t die…

I always got back up

All the odds I did defy

Staggering and with a limp

But I got back up

I’m just in love today

In love with the Woman I have become and the one I still have yet to meet. I deserve this happiness, which doesn’t come often for me, so I choose to cherish it and enjoy every minute. 

I hope and pray that wherever you are in you journey of recovery that you feel loved too. Feel it and Embrace it! 

We deserve it!

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